Your Family Can Start a New New Year's Family Tradition
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Your Family Can Start a New New Year's Family Tradition

Do you and your family have a New Year's family tradition. You can start one that let's you and your family reflect on the things that happened in this year and that will happen in the coming year.

As you welcome in the New Year, who better to share it with than with family? This is a time when families celebrate all that has happened in the past year and all of the wonderful things that will happen in the next.

As you and your family think about your year that has past and the coming New Year, why not start a family tradition, by answering these simple questions:

What have you and each member of your family accomplished this year?

Did you get a promotion? Did someone get married or have a baby? Did you children do well in school or sports? Did someone in your family succeed at a long-time goal? Celebrate each and every success the same, whether small or large, they all matter.

What hardships you and each member of your family faced this year?

Life can be difficult at times. What hardships have you and your family overcome? Which are you still working on? What have you learned from these experiences? You may have had job loss, death in the family, illness or divorce. Think about ways that you have supported each other and how you can continue supporting each other when you face tough times.

What did you and each member of your family learn last year that will help you in the New Year?

You can learn from all of your life’s experiences. Thinking of what you’ve accomplished and problems and obstacles you’ve overcome, how can each of you, apply these life’s lessons in the New Year.

What goals do you have for you and your family in the coming year?

Does your family have plans for the future? Maybe you plan on moving? Having a baby? Getting organized? Buying a new car? Maybe you want to argue less or spend more time together? These are all opportunities for growth in your family. Laying out some of things you want to get done, can get your family excited about the possibilities.

How do you see yourself and your family accomplishing these goals?

This would be a great time to write out a plan for your family for the coming year. You may want to start having dinner together or you and your partner can schedule a date night or work on your relationship. You may want to write down some of the deadlines for major projects and commitments, this can help you later when you're making plans.

This is a family tradition that can bring your family closer. Record it to video and you can watch it next year as you continue this tradition. In time you’ll have a collection of video showing the evolution and growth of your family, year by year.

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Great article, it's all about starting anew..voted