Ways to Keep Kids Busy in a Snowstorm
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Ways to Keep Kids Busy in a Snowstorm

Parents all over are asking how to keep kids busy in a snowstorm. One you try the ideas listed here, the kids will be asking for snow all over again just so they can spend time with you.

This list of ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm can be invaluable. As the kids watch the snowfall they automatically want to go outside. The ideas also provide quality time to help with parent-child bonding. Parents know that drifts and temperatures have to sometimes keep kids inside. It’s a less than ideal time for everyone.

Many of these activities are geared for children in primary or preschool years. Some activities can be adapted for older kids and the teens may enjoy the cooking ideas.

When you’re looking at ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm it’s important to keep the age of the child in mind. Here are a few things that younger kids may enjoy doing:

Coloring sheets

Print free coloring sheets that you download from the internet. Find some fun pages with snowman prints and staple the sheets together. Designs vary in difficulty according to the skill level of your child. It takes only a few minutes to make a customized coloring.

Play dough

Make play dough together. This is a simple activity that kids enjoy. Play dough recipes usually call for salt, flour and water. It’s one of the fun ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm that doesn’t cost much. You can find an abundance of recipes on the internet or try your hand at one of these recipes.

Kids can have fun creating shapes and figures. Put the dough in a plastic bag to reuse later. Color the dough with food coloring or bake the items in the oven to paint later.

Build a fort or castle

Another one of the ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm is to build a fort or castle. Drape a sheet over a card table, add a flashlight or battery operated lantern and let the kids imagination take it from there.


Do you have any old socks laying around? Why not use them as one of the ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm? Making sock puppets is an age old tradition. When the puppets are finished the kids can star in their own puppet show.

Cook together

Cooking can be a fun activity for any age. You have to fix meals anyway so why not let the kids help. Youngsters are old enough to stir or add some ingredients (always with supervision). Teens and older kids can take a cue from television shows by having their own cooking contest. The adults in the household get to judge the results.


Making up stories is a way to keep kids busy in a snowstorm that they may enjoy. Younger children will enjoy hearing the stories. Older elementary children can have fun writing their own “I survived the blizzard” story or poem.

Create music

Why not create a musical instrument? If you have several kids you can have your own band. It’s one of the more unique ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm. Use empty oatmeal containers for drums or put pennies or beans into butter tub or can to secure the lid. Older kids can research instrument making on the internet to create something with a little higher quality.


Cleaning their room isn’t necessarily at the top of the kids to-do list but has to be done. Put your snowbound captives to good use. Put everything they’ve outgrown into large bags to donate to charity after the spring thaw.

Your ideas

Hopefully this list of ideas will get your own creative juices flowing. There are tons of ways to keep kids busy in a snowstorm. Please feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments section below.

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