Tips on How to Write the Perfect Christmas Letter
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Tips on How to Write the Perfect Christmas Letter

Family Christmas letters is an enjoyable way of keeping in touch with your extended family.

Each year we include a one to two page family letter with most of our Christmas cards. We receive a few from family and friends as well. Deciding what to include is important. You want it to be uplifting and personal but not too personal.

Keep it short and simple. A one to two page newsletter is sufficient. Yours will most likely not be the only one received. In keeping it simple do not journal the entire year. Pick a few things to highlight. While most people would say to keep the bragging at a minimum, I have to admit I brag about my girls. They are awesome and full of accomplishments. I choose one or two per child and highlight it.

Do include:

• Births, deaths, marriages and moves.

• Family unit changes. This is a fine line so you need to be careful how you word things. Our Christmas letter this year, as an example, states “… we have reunited and are again together as a family.” This is our first Christmas together after a two year separation.

• The children. Everyone wants to know about the kids. What grade are they in? What activities are they involved in? Include an anecdote if you would like, as long as it will not embarrass the children.

• Photos! The old adage is true – a picture does speak a thousand words.

• Do you have a hobby of interest to your family? If you think your family and friends will find it interesting, include a brief note about your hobby. For example, one of my hobbies is genealogy. While I did not mention anything this year, last year I included a note about finally obtaining my great grandfather’s naturalization records.

• Christmas blessings. Don’t forget the reason we celebrate in the first place. Be sure to end your letter with your holiday greeting.

Do not include:

• Aches and pains. Your family and friends love you but they do not want to read a letter full of aches and pains. If you have something you think should be shared or you want to explain why no one has seen much of you recently, include it subtly. For example, in my letter this year I included, “She was recently promoted to Staff Writer at Factoidz and is the Lancaster Diabetes Examiner at the latter. Both (of them) have diabetes so many of the articles are research to help us as well.”

• Gossip. Try to avoid gossip all together. The easiest way to do this is only include information on your immediate family. While many of my friends ask about my parents, they do not really need to know their medical ups and downs. My philosophy is that if they want everyone to know something, they will personally write something in their cards. Never assume a family member wants something made public either.

There is no right or wrong way to write a family Christmas letter or newsletter. Have fun with it. Include a Top Ten list which could include ten reasons you love Christmas, or ten things you did as a family this past year. If you or your family is big into crossword puzzles, make one up and include it. The clues could be Christmas oriented or you could make it more family oriented. One clue, as an example, could be “Uncle Ray portrayed this jolly fellow” and have the answer then of course be “Santa Claus”. Word searches also could be strictly Christmas oriented or be family names.

Finally, take the time to read the letters you receive this season. May your Christmas be blessed. Christ is Born! Khrystos Razhdaietsia!


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Comments (4)


Excellent and interesting write-up...thanks for sharing

Sending a family newsletter is always a great idea for bringing distant family members up to speed on family events for the holidays.

Good tips! It is a nice way to keep up to date with family and friends.