Parents, Stop Being Protective, Let Kids Enjoy the Rain
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Parents, Stop Being Protective, Let Kids Enjoy the Rain

Parents are becoming more and more protective of their children. Kids need to explore their environment in order to develop concepts and understandings about it. They need to explore to develop their ability to use language. Don't deprive them of opportunities. Let them out into the rain occasionally, let them find out about raindrops, rainfall and weather for themselves. Then bring them in, dry them off and talk about it with them. Don't let your kids grow up being afraid to go out in the rain.

Rainy days, how parents hate them. Kids are cooped up inside, moaning they have nothing to do. Why not let them outside for awhile I say. Outside! They might get wet, or catch a cold. My answer to those replies is, So?

Parents are becoming more and more protective of their children and often for the wrong reason. Face it, if kids get wet and catch a cold, they may have to stay home from school. And, if kids stay home from school, one of the working parents also has to stay home. But I'm asking you, what is most important here, the child's welfare or the parent going to work?

Rainy days can be fun days. I'm not suggesting you let them out in the rain for hours on end,just a few minutes of fresh air and raindrops will be fine. But how are they ever able to explore the properties of rain if you don't let them? So, next time the rain starts falling, threatening to spoil an otherwise perfect day, wrap them in their coats, put on their boots, and let them have a bit of fun.

Kids love puddles

Remember how much you loved splashing in puddles when you were a child? Well, today's kids do too, but so often they're not allowed. It might ruin their shoes. My suggestion here is, if they don't have suitable outdoor shoes, they can go bare feet for a few minutes, just to experience that freedom and delight of s[lashing in puddles. Listening to the laughter of children laughing as they splash in puddles should put a smile on all parents faces. They don't need to stay there too long, nor get too wet. Let them stay long enough to find out what puddles are all about.

Raindrops keep falling

Most children love the feel of raindrops landing on their faces and dripping off the end of their noses. Let them turn their faces upward and feel the freshness of the rain. Encourage them to open their mouths and see how much rain they can catch. They'll love it. Then bundle them inside, dry them off and share a warm drink with them

Even a little science

If the rain looks as if it's settling in for a reasonable time, why not try a little science? Place a glass jar outside in a safe place and leave it there. Heavy, consistent rain is best for this. Monitor it every few hours to measure how much rain has fallen. Just a little trick like this is often enough to get kids more interested in the weather, weather reports and other scientific matters. Encourage them do do their own research into rainfall and weather.

Raindrop races

Another great rainy day activity, from the warmth of inside, is to watch the raindrops run down the window pane. Encourage siblings to choose a raindrop each and watch as the drops slither and slide down the window, as if they were having a race. Kids love a bit of competition, especially when it is something over which they have no control, so it doesn't matter if they win or lose.

Next rainy day.....

So, next rainy day, why not give some of these ideas a try. Stop being so protective of your child and let them get out and explore the weather a little. As well as having fun, there's a lot of learning and language development taking place. Who knows, you may even enjoy yourself as well.

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Comments (5)

I have always loved playing in the rain too. I remember asking Mom if we could put on swimsuits and go out in the rain, and she let us. I didn't catch a cold - colds come from viruses, not from playing in the rain.

I wonder if protectiveness is an excuse for laziness. Parents today might just be too lazy to get the kids into their rain gear. We always went out and played in the rain - heck it's Canada.. we were forced to go out and play in the snow too!

Great article, I totally agree.  We used to run around in all kinds of weather.  Parents are pretty protective today, I even saw that some parents are putting helmets on toddlers while they're learning to walk.

In the Philippines, dozens of kids play in the rain especially in the middle class residence. I do enjoyed playing in the rain when I was a kid, and I do go bathing in the rain, especially the first rain May (start of rainy season) up to now. It's a belief here in the Philippines that first rainshower can take-out prickly heat. Thanks for the share Val.

your articles are always refreshing